Meet Our New Editorial Intern, Lindsey Lucas


I am thrilled to introduce myself as a new Editorial Intern for Sundress Publications. My name is Lindsey Lucas, and I am a recent graduate with a degree in creative writing and publishing. In my free time, I write a lot of poetry, study French, and watch the X-Files. I have also started crocheting again, and over the holidays I made several hats as Christmas presents. Like many writers, I love cats, rainy days, and coffee. I’m an introvert, (INFJ) so staying at home is usually my preferred evening.

For two years while I was in school, I was the social media and web editor for The Mochila Review, a national undergraduate journal, and Canvas, Missouri Western State University’s on-campus journal. Our small staff was amazing (I will miss them) and they taught me this intense love of good literature and good community. During that time, I had the chance to share the stage at a poetry reading with Taylor Mali. I attended the AWP conference in April where I discovered record-length lines for coffee and tons of new publishing opportunities. Last summer, I spent two wonderful weeks on a school trip in France, which only made me want to travel everywhere.

I hope to learn everything possible about publishing, and I (someday) aspire to start my own journal. But that is far in the future. For now, I am really excited to be part of the Sundress Publications team.


Lindsey Lucas is a recent graduate of Missouri Western State University with a double major in English literature and Creative Writing & Publishing. For two years, she served as the web and social media editor for The Mochila Review, a national undergraduate literary journal, and Canvas, an on-campus journal. She writes poetry, drinks coffee in the morning and tea at night, and has more books than bookshelf space.


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