Knoxville Literary Calendar

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9th @ 7PM – Investigative Techniques & Storytelling with
Jamie Satterfield, Central United Methodist Church

9th @ 8PM – Electric Pheasant Open Mic Poetry, Scruffy City Hall

10th @ 12PM – WordStream featuring Poet Gene Hodge, Knoxville Visitor Center

10th @ 8PM – Secret City Poetry Nights featuring RheaSunshine and Friends with Black Atticus, Ryan Lee, JP Schuffman, and INK, Historic Grove Theater

17th @ 12PM – WordStream featuring Novelist/musician Michael Cody and accompanied by poet/musician Thomas Alan Holmes, Knoxville Visitor Center

19th @1PM – Sundress Readings Series featuring Darren Demaree, Erika Eckart, and Nik Buhler at Hexagon Brewing

24th @ 12PM – WordStream featuring Mark Harmon and the Front Page Follies, Knoxville Visitor Center

29th @ 6:30PM – Lady First – Amy Greenburg, East Tennessee Historic Center

30th @ 7:30 – Beginnings-a curated performance night by WCC, UPerk

31st @ 12PM – WordStream featuring Diana Amann, Knoxville Visitor Center

31st @ 6:30PM – Eastboud from Flagstaff – Anne Valentine, Union Ave Books


1st @ 4PM – Fixing Law Schools by Ben Barton, Union Ave Books

5th @ 6PM – Great Blue Hills of God by Kreis Beall, Cherokee Country Club

6th @ 7PM – How I Built & Maintain a Children’s Illustration Career by Daniel Wiseman, Central United Methodist Church

6th @ 8PM – Queer Poetry Open Mic: QUEERLY BELOVED EDITION, The Bird & The Book

7th @ 12PM – WordStream featuring Singer/songwriter Nancy Brennan Strange, Knoxville Visitor Center

7th @ 6:30PM – My Autobiography of Carson McCullers by Jenn Shapland, Union Ave Books

8th @ 6PM – Abby Minor and others-TBA, Union Ave Books

9th @1PM – Sundress Readings Series featuring Amie Sharp, Amelia Martens, and Liz Garcia at Hexagon Brewing

10th @ 7PM – Spring Reading Series presents Chet’la Sebree, Hodges Library Auditorium UTK

14th @ 6:30PM – Meander Belt by M. Randal O’wain, Union Ave Books

15th @ 10AM – Writing the Dark Side by Pamela Schoenewaldt, Central United Methodist Church

TBA – Sugar Run by Mesha Maren, at TBA

20th @6:30PM – Gertie by Kathryn Smith, Union Ave Books

21st @ 12PM – WordStream featuring Dawn Coppock and Karen E. Reynolds, Knoxville Visitor Center

22nd @ TBA – Succulents by John Tullock, Stanley’s Greenhouse

24th @ 7PM – Spring Reading Series presents Joy Williams, Hodges Library Auditorium UTK

25th @7PM – The Splendid and the Vile by Erik Larson, Bijou Theatre

28th @ 12PM – WordStream featuring Filmmaker Paul Harrill, Knoxville Visitor Center

28th @ 7PM – An Evening With Andrea Gibson, The Concourse


1st @ 1PM – Sundress Readings Series featuring Roseanna Alice Boswell, Tamara Zbrizher and Andrew Dillon at Hexagon Brewing

1st @ 2PM – Wayland by Rita Quillen, Union Ave Books

5th @ 7PM – How to Rite Good by Sam Venable, Central United Methodist Church

6th @ 12PM – WordStream featuring Poets Joe Hardy and Ramon Presson, Knoxville Visitor Center

13th @ 12PM – WordStream featuring David Madden, Knoxville Visitor Center

13th @ 8PM – Secret City Poetry nights, Historic Grove Theater

14th @ 10AM – The Querying Process: From Start to Signed by Victoria Griffin, Central United Methodist Church

20th @ 12PM – WordStream featuring Eleanor Scott and Adam Deal, Knoxville Visitor Center

27th @ 12PM – WordStream featuring Virginia poet, novelist, and musician Rita Quillen, Knoxville Visitor Center


3rd @ 12PM – WordStream featuring Poet Larry Thacker, Knoxville Visitor Center

3rd @ 6:30PM – Hillbilly Hustle by Wesley Browne, Union Ave Books

5th @ 1PM – Sundress Readings Series featuring Julie Marie Wade, Magdalen Zinky, and Andrew Butler at Hexagon Brewing

10th @ 12PM – WordStream featuring NC novelist/poet Val Nieman and poet Caroline Malone, Knoxville Visitor Center

10th @ 6:30PM – To the Bones by Valerie Nieman, Union Ave Books

17th @ 12PM – WordStream featuring Middle TN poet Sandy Coomer, Knoxville Visitor Center

20th @ 7PM – Spring Reading Series presents Gretchen Primak, Hodges Library Auditorium UTK

24th @ 12PM – WordStream featuring Poet/essayist Richard Hague, Knoxville Visitor Center

24th @ 6:30PM – The Prettiest Star by Carter Sickles, Union Ave Books


1st @ 6:30PM – The Illusion of Leaving by Jeannette Brown, Union Ave Books

3rd @ 2PM – The Southern Books Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires by Grady Hendrix, East TN History Center

8th @ 8PM – Secret City Poetry nights, Historic Grove Theater

17th @ 2PM – The Skin of Meaning by Keith Flynn, Union Ave Books


10th @ 8PM – Secret City Poetry nights, Historic Grove Theater