Knoxville Literary Calendar

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1st @ 12PM – WordStream featuring Kari-Gunter-Seymour (poet laureate of Athens, Ohio) and actor Joe Casterline
1st @ 7PM – National Author’s Day featuring Robert Gipe, East TN History Center Competition winners (forthcoming) to be featured at 10am, 3pm, & 5pm readings, Union Ave
4th @ 7PM – University of Tennessee Reading Series featuring Jane Wong, Lindsay Young Auditorium in Hodges 
6th @ 6PM – Holding on to Nothing by Elizabeth Chiles Shelburne in conversation with Amy Greene, Union Ave

7th @ 6PM – Neo Soulific Poetry Jam featuring Black Atticus and Obayana Ajanaku, Maple Hall Cocktail Lounge

7th @ 7:30PM – Women’s Coordinating Council Semi-Open Mic Night, UPerk

8th @ 12PM – WordStream featuring Sean Purio, Jeb Herrin, and Luci Brown, a Veterans Day reading
9th @ 6PM – Famous in Cedarville by Erica Wright in conversation with Erin Elizabeth Smith, Union Ave
10th @ 1PM – Sundress Reading Series featuring Tanya Singh, Remi Recchia, Alyssa Molina, Hexagon Brewing Company  
10th @ 2PM – A Literary Field Guide to Southern Appalachia with Susan Underwood and tbd contributors, Union Ave
11th @ TBD –  Running With Sherman by Christopher McDougall, Ijams Nature Center

12th @ 8PM – Knoxville Poetry Slam – November SLAM, Open Chord / All Things Music

14th @ 7PM – The Poetry Lounge @ The Sight & Sound, Lawson McGhee (2nd Floor)

14th @8PM – Electric Pheasant Open Mic Poetry: Rebirth, Scruffy City Hall

15th @ 12PM – WordStream featuring actors John Ferguson and Linda High reading the play Chagall and Mrs. Belmont, directed by Greg Congleton
22nd @ 12PM – WordStream featuring musicians Guy Larry Osborne and Diane Krause

23rd @ 8pm – Secret City Poetry Nights feat. Bluz and Dasan, Grove Center Theatre

29th @ 12PM – WordStream featuring poets Katherine Smith and Erin Elizabeth Smith
30th @ 6:30PM – Po Boys and Poets, Pilot Light


6th @ 12PM – WordStream featuring Georgia poet Dana Wildsmith and Murfreesboro poet laureate Kory Wells
8th @ 1PM – Sundress Reading Series featuring Erin Slaughter, Kathy Goodkin, Summer Awad, Hexagon Brewing Company 

10th @ 8PM – Knoxville Poetry Slam – December Slam, Open Chord / All Things Music

13th @ 12PM – WordStream featuring Edward Francisco reading A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote and Chuck Maland presents on It’s a Wonderful Life
19th @ 7PM – The Poetry Lounge @ The Sight & Sound feat TBA
20th @ 12PM – WordStream featuring poet Charlotte Pence and novelist Pamela Schoenewaldt
27th @ 12PM – WordStream featuring Knoxville Poet Laureate Marilyn Kallet, Chanukah program and klezmer music
28th @ 6:30PM – Poboys and Poets, Pilot Light