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Since 2000, Sundress Publications has thrived as an entirely volunteer-run non-profit literary press collective, publishing chapbooks and full-length works and hosting a number of online journals—among them, the Best of the Net Anthologycahoodaloodaling, and Pretty Owl Poetry. Additionally, since 2016, through the free weekly Facebook Live reading series, Poets in Pajamas, Sundress has provided a place for poets to read their work and interact with their readers and viewership.

Because of our SustainingSponsoringAll-access, and VIP Patrons, who have shown their commitment to Sundress Publications’ mission of championing great work by persons traditionally under-represented in literary publishing, we anticipate the ability to offer modest compensation to the many ferociously dedicated, seriously talented, and heretofore entirely uncompensated staff that underpin our success. 

Sundress Publications is enriched—in equal measure—by our subscribers’ belief in what we do and how we do it. Sundress is incredibly grateful the generous support of these patrons.

To join them in becoming a supporter of this work and a hard-working staff of 35+, join us at Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sundress

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Andrew P. Dillon
Erin Rodoni
Davis Shoulders
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Anna Sandy-Elrod 
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