Sponsorsheep Drive!




The brainchild of Sundress Publications, a registered non-profit, The Sundress Academy for the Arts (SAFTA) was founded in February 2013 at Firefly Farms in Karns, Tennessee. Nestled in an old-fashioned “holler” just twenty minutes from downtown Knoxville, this picturesque 29-acre farm is the perfect artists’ getaway; visitors can hone their creative crafts as they escape the routine of modern life. Whether you’re hiking, camping, foraging, or hunting, you will reconnect with nature and be inspired by a part of the Appalachia landscape that is often forgotten. SAFTA attendees can also expect to learn a host of new skills from the staff to enrich their work.


In order to help fund this enormous project, we plan to host livestock, including self-pastured horses, a small herd of goats and sheep to “mow” the pastures and control wild growth, and chickens to produce eggs for egg dishes galore! To get started, we must finish mending the fences along the property, buy and install gates, build shelter for the horses, and acquire the animals themselves.

To find out more, please visit our Indiegogo fundraising drive!


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