Pre-Orders Now Available for Christine Jessica Margaret Reilly’s First Collection


Knoxville, TN- Sundress Publications is pleased to announce the release of Too Animal, Not Enough Machine, Christine Jessica Margaret Reilly’s first poetry chapbook. Reilly’s poems leave readers almost giddy with their movement, traversing through time, mythologies, religion, only to find the narrators back where they begin, still searching.

There is nothing mechanical about Christine Jessica Margaret Reilly’s Too Animal, Not Enough Machine. The poems zip in and out of multiple consciousnesses, re-telling a variation of Hansel and Gretel through the streets of New York. But the poems do not feel suffocated or defined by the city, rather it is the poems’ narrators who give that space life; whether it’s searching for Gretel in bathroom stalls, chatting up Little Red Riding Hood, or pondering the nuances of Mermish, Reilly’s poems are fearless in their imagination, effortlessly melding the surreal with the mundane, the fantastic with the everyday.

Kate Knapp Johnson, author of When Orchids Were Flowers, This Perfect Life, Wind Somewhere, and Shade, says of Reilly’s first collection: “I love this collection of poems for the sounds and the sense of them. Immediately, the reader is struck—lightning-like—by Christine Reilly’s agility in playing with language. This poet is craft-wise, cadenced, and ‘crafty.’ Beware the candy-coated house where the witch may be waiting…is this a chapbook of Grimms’ Tales narrated, or a narrative filtered through those often misremembered but ageless stories? What I so admire about these poems is that Christine Reilly does not ‘split’ truth from tale, but holds them together in the flesh of our bodies, through violence and grace, and within the soul’s pure ‘knowing’ of Mystery.”

Christine Jessica Margaret Reilly lives in New York, New York. She teaches English at the Professional Children’s School and the craft of writing at the University Settlement. She has been published in over fifty journals. She received her Bachelor’s from Bucknell University and her Master’s from Sarah Lawrence College.

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