Our Development Assistant on the SAFTA Experiment




SundressImage Academy for the Arts has become more like a family to me. After graduating from The University of Tennessee, I wanted to continue to surround myself with talented and creative people in order to maintain a creative mindset and enhance my skills as a poet. Not only have I improved as writer but also, I have built relationships with other writers and artists that have further deepened my love for the craft.




At SAFTA we believe that you should write what you know, and I think that by upholding to this standard of writing I have continued to push myself in all aspects of learning, whether by deepening relationships with other artist, exploring nature, learning about other forms of art (i.e. acting, printmaking and painting), or building skills totally outside the realm of creativity.




One of the most memorable and valuable experience I’ve had a SAFTA so far is learning to lay hardwood. This is honestly one of the most random skills that I, as a woman never thought I would learn to do. Working as a volunteer here at SAFTA has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my adult life thus far. I have learned so much about my craft and myself during through my involvement with SAFTA that it has ultimately aided to the complexity of my work and my ability as a writer.  


-Kara Schmieg, SAFTA Development Assistant



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