The Wardrobe’s Best Dressed: space neon neon space by luna rey hall

This selection, chosen by guest editor JJ Rowan, is from space neon neon space by luna rey hall, released by Variant Lit in 2022.

content warning for transphobia and mention of rape

tik-tok comment section

text of poem

have you had / surgery / ? /		/ girl! / that explains 
a lot / on a side note, /	strawberry beauty blender / i need 
more sleep / people like this would be better off dead
                   / like / an icon! /	i didn’t know you were	trans / 

comment not available /

*panics in bi* /	queen! / well, boys	we lost 
another one   / cringe /   what’s in / women’s pants
                                                                               are a guessing game
/ … until i hear “how’s it going” in a deep voice…/	your a boy lol
/ i love it when women	/ 

comment not available

/ i’d make it like	blood for the	blood	gods / put some
uneducated people in place /	with our /	sacrifices / all i see & hear

is a man who can’t accept	                         he’s a man *shrug emoji*
                / she more girly than me	/ couldn’t tell she was trans mtf / 
thought she cis / GIRL GLOW UP / vibes = immaculate	/ you/
          leading him on / that’s rape but go off sis

/ comment not available

/ fortnite? tonight? /	respectfully… wow! / this comment section 
           is down bad / love your name— “to bind”
                          in Hebrew / am i the only one	that doesn’t get it? / 
           take me with you, i’m already in Georgia		/ against
           the natural order

                                              tbh / ur a queen!

/ comment not available /

wait m to w or w to m? / looking like lily Aldridge	/ um you say trans 
                       but which way	/ comment not available /
                                      why would you do this? / GIRL!	/ it’s not too late 
                       to repent for your sins! / transitioning towards
                                      freedom of gender / wait you’re trans!? /

/	/

this comment section does not pass / the vibe check	/ skin envy / 
                   drop the routine! / i’m proud of you / like really
                   / really / proud of you / i’m obsessed,
                                               / every girl needs to shave her head at least once

luna rey hall is a queer trans writer. they are the author of four books including the upcoming novella-in-verse the patient routine (Brigids Gate Press, 2023). her poems have appeared in The Florida ReviewThe Rumpus, & Raleigh Review, among others.

JJ Rowan (they/them) is a queer nonbinary writer and dancer. Their poems, not-poems, and interactive performances have appeared in the tiny, Dream Pop Journal, 45th Parallel, and at the SMOL Fair and the Splinter Collective’s Interrupted by Trains, among others. Their most recent chapbook is a simple verb (Bloof Books). They are on the editorial team at just femme & dandyYou can sign up for their newsletter, actual motion, at their website.

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