The Wardrobe’s Best Dressed: PRESSURED SPEECH by germ lynn

This selection, chosen by guest editor Jillian Fantin, is from PRESSURED SPEECH by germ lynn, released by Bottlecap Press in 2022.

subito forte

they have explained with an intoxication
common persons required to produce
heavy 			prolonged 			use

in persecutory delusions following the code
further 					withdrawal

current severity
there is evidence from history
both one and two
during or soon

					      such evidence!

could sufficiently warrant attention
there is an order present

record disorder

before disorder

there is no use

germ lynn is a writer and cellist. Their poetry can be found most recently in The Reservoir, a collection published by Autonomedia Press. Their debut chapbook PRESSURED SPEECH was published as a Bottlecap Press feature. Their science fiction chapbook What You Call was published by Radix Media as part of their Futures series. they are currently working on compositions for solo voice and cello.

Jillian A. Fantin is a writer with roots in the American South and north central England. They are a 2023 Sundress Publications Editorial Intern, a 2021 Martha’s Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing Poet Fellow, and a 2020 Jefferson County Memorial Project Research Fellow. With writer Joy Wilkoff, they co-founded and edit RENESME LITERARY. Jillian’s debut chapbook, A Playdough Symposium, will be released this coming summer from Ghost City Press, and more of their writing appears in American Journal of Poetry, Homology Lit, Tilted House, Spectra Poets, Barrelhouse, and, among others.


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