The Wardrobe’s Best Dressed: Being Many Seeds by Marilyn McCabe

This selection, chosen by Managing Editor Krista Cox, is from Being Many Seeds by Marilyn McCabe, released by Grayson Books in 2020.
While the day is its own 
autocracy, I am a citizen
staring out at the world,
touch the cool glass of rain's
mirror. Color deepens
then fades, a slow flicker
as if I am blinking,
as if I must open the eyes
inside myself to keep
democracy alive.


            the day is 

             the cool glass of 
                       a            flicker
                                the eyes
                           to keep



                                the eyes

He got the science wrong, according to the scientists, but it seemed Teilhard was on to something with regard to the evolution of culture and social structure. Evolution seems to favor the cooperative group. Certainly ants have taken over my backyard.

Marilyn McCabe‘s poetry has won awards and contests through A Room of Her Own Foundation, The Word Works, Grayson Books, the New York State Council on the Arts, and the Adirondack Center for Writing. Her books of poems include Perpetual Motion and Glass Factory, and chapbooks Rugged Means of Grace and, most recently, Being Many Seeds. Poems and videopoetry have been published in print and online, and videopoems have appeared in festivals and galleries.


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