Sundress Publications Announces the Release of anaïs peterson’s for the joy of it

Sundress Publications announces the release of anaïs peterson’s for the joy of it. Saturated in the particular righteous pleasure of young queerness, this hybrid chapbook explores the limitations and possibilities of language through a series of bright and captivating collages. Loosely woven through text and images, these poems traverse the speaker’s mindscape, which bursts with color and personal iconography. The narrative poses questions: How can one embrace queerness without the validation of acceptance? How can one know themselves without negotiating with others’ perceptions? for the joy of it claims no clear answers, and the question marks hang in the air like fireworks. Ephemeral yet enduring, this collection can’t help but draw readers into its valiant display of truth-seeking.

Shay X Gee, author of Mushrooms at the E-Grave, writes that “these poems are as attentive to the self as nature is to its own fluidity. anaïs peterson defies and contorts the meanings of endings, as flowers, when cut at their roots, heal the soil and grow again.”

for the joy of it is available to download for free on the Sundress website:

anaïs peterson (no pronouns) is a poet and organizer currently based on the occupied land of the Osage, Hopewell, Monongahela, Lenape, and Shawnee peoples, as well as many others. anaïs’ people love pretty skies, are barefoot in the summer, and are queers, especially those who view gender as a game. anaïs’ words have appeared in Sampsonia Way, Mixed Mag, SLICE, and you are here, among others. anaïs writes in black pen and garamond size 11 and tweets from @anais_pgh. A full list of anaïs’ publications and more information may be found at

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