The Wardrobe’s Best Dressed: Constellation of Freckles by Keri Withington


Lose yourself in kindness.

Trust the soft oval of clasped hands
blurred circles of knees on stone
the simple shapes of star, cross, steeple

Streaming sunlight, glowing window panes,
aisle seats battered by drink carts

Skin gilded in galactic rays, recycled air.

Checkerboard farms, variable vector mountains
nations discrete, invisible

Light candles.
Hope to Belief to Faith to

The simple equation
of self plus love

From above, everything is geometry.

This selection comes from Constellation of Freckles, available from Dancing Girl Press. Purchase your copy here! Our curator for this selection is Shannon Wolf.

Keri Withington is an Appalachian based poet and educator. Her work has previously appeared in numerous journals and anthologies.Her first chapbook is Constellation of Freckles from Dancing Girl Press. Her second chapbook, Beckoning From the Waves, is forthcoming from Plan B Press. As well as writing, Withington is an assistant professor of English at Pellissippi State Community College. Her writing explores themes of feminism, family, and nature.

Shannon Wolf is a British writer and teacher, living in Louisiana. She is currently a joint MA-MFA candidate in Poetry at McNeese State University. She is the Non-Fiction Editor of The McNeese Review, and Social Media Intern for Sundress Publications. She also holds an MA in Creative Writing from Lancaster University. Her poetry, short fiction, and non-fiction (which can also be found under the name Shannon Bushby) have appeared in The Forge and Great Weather for Media, among others. You can find her on social media @helloshanwolf.


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