The Wardrobe’s Best Dressed: Summertime Fine by Jason B Crawford

Untitled (Mufa)

Somewhere there is a river
full of dead things, asking me
when I will be added to their
collection. My answer is
always the same, I’m waiting
to be enough soil to sprout
flowers. A garden of
geraniums bellowing from my
chest. I can’t just be a list of
black names we write on
picket signs and t-shirts,
something must grow here.
Surely I was not put on this
earth simply to die.

This selection comes from Summertime Fine, available from Variant Literature. Purchase your copy here! Our curator for this selection is Nilsa Rivera.

JASON B. CRAWFORD (He/They) is a black, nonbinary, bi-poly-queer writer born in Washington DC,
raised in Lansing, MI. In addition to being published in online literary magazines, such as High Shelf Press,
Wellington Street Review, Poached Hare, The Amistad, Royal Rose, and Kissing Dynamite, he is the Chief Editor for The Knight’s Library. Jason is a cofounder of the Poetry Collective MMPR, a group of poets who came together for laughs, bad memes, and nerd culture. He is also the recurring host of the poetry section for Ann Arbor Pride. Crawford has his Bachelors of Science in Creative Writing from Eastern Michigan University.

Nilsa Rivera Castro writes about gender and diversity issues. She’s also the Managing Editor of The Wardrobe and the Non-Fiction Editor of Doubleback Review. Her work appears or is forthcoming in Huffington Post, 50 GS Magazine, Six Hens Literary Journal, Assay: A Journal of Nonfiction Studies, Selkie Literary Magazine, and Writing Class Radio. She’s currently an MFA Nonfiction candidate at Vermont College of Fine Art and lives in Riverview, Florida.

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