The Wardrobe’s Best Dressed: Pretty to Think So by Samantha Edmonds

That One Nightstand, and That One Nightstand, and That Other
One Nightstand…

“Fair Jenny mine, the thoughtless queen of kisses.” —
Dante Rossetti

When babies are first born, they spend almost 100% of their time on
their backs. Maybe she just never grew out of that—some people don’t,
you know? Which is probably why people see her most nights at the bar
on the corner. She smiles at the bartender, who has hair that shines like
silk, and she winks at the bouncer, who looks like a Greek God, and who
she imagines could kick serious ass if he got his head out of his own once
in a while. It is reported that she chats up the guy on the barstool beside
her, who is hot as hell but writes ‘board of this place yet?’ on the napkin
between them. The working hypothesis is this: as long as he never texts
or emails her, or basically ever communicates via the written word, and
if they spend the entirety of their time together face-to-sinfully-sexyface, then no, she won’t get board, or borde, or even bored (any more than she already is, anyway).
She imagines a world in which she would begin to lose things.
She might leave her keys on a black nightstand with silver handles and
have to call a locksmith to get back into her own apartment. Then she
could forget her cell phone on the locksmith’s nightstand the next night
and then leave the replacement cell phone on the nightstand beside the
Verizon salesman the morning after. She might forget headbands and
necklaces on countless, indistinguishable brown oak nightstands, and
may even once leave her wallet on a nightstand that holds an alarm
clock shaped like Mickey Mouse. She could lose metro cards, earrings,
lip glosses; then she’d lose her mind but she’d never go back for it. She’d
never go back for any of it.

This selection comes from the book, Pretty to Think So, available from Selcouth Station Press.  Purchase your copy here! Our curator for this selection is Alex DiFrancesco.

Samatha Edmonds am the Fiction Editor for Doubleback Review, a new lit journal in the Sundress Publications family, as well as the new Assistant Fiction Editor for Sundress Publications. My work appears in Ninth Letter, The Rumpus, Black Warrior Review, and McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, among others. I currently live in Columbia MO, where I’m a PhD student in fiction at the University of Missouri.
Alex DiFrancesco is a multi-genre writer who has published work in Tin HouseThe Washington PostPacific StandardVol. 1 Brooklyn, The New Ohio Review, Brevity and more. In 2019, they published their essay collection Psychopomps (Civil Coping Mechanisms Press) and their novel All City (Seven Stories Press), which was a finalist for the Ohioana Book Awards. Their short story collection Transmutation (Seven Stories Press) is forthcoming in 2021. They are the recipient of grants and fellowships from PEN America and Sundress Academy for the Arts. They are an assistant editor at Sundress Publications.

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