The Wardrobe’s Best Dressed: The Chosen One by Vanessa Maki


chain me up / make me see the error / of my ways / make me realize how far i have fallen / there’s blood on my hands / remind me of that / my actions have snuffed out so much life / my actions have snuffed out my life / no more burning flame / i’m an extinguished fire / that’s smoking / disrupting the air / disrupting everyone / what are my consequences / what is my cross to bear

This selection comes from the book, The Chosen One, available from Animal Heart Press.  Purchase your copy here! Our curator for this selection is Sarah Clark.

Vanessa Maki is a writer, artist & blk feminist whose work has appeared or will appear in various places. She has self-published chapbooks & currently has three coming out in 2020: the chosen one (Animal Heart Press) , sweet like limes (Bone & Ink Press) & decayed state (marlskarx).

Sarah Clark is Editor-in-Chief and Poetry Editor at Anomaly, Co-Editor of The Queer Movement Anthology (Seagull Books, 2021), a reader at The Atlas Review and Doubleback Books, and an Editorial Board member at Sundress Press. She’s edited folios for publications, including Anomaly‘s GLITTERBRAIN folio and a folio on Indigenous & Decolonial Futures & Futurisms, Drunken Boat’s folios on Sound Art, “Desire & Interaction,” and a collection of global indigenous art and literature, First Peoples, Plural. Sarah freelances, and has worked with a number of literary and arts publications and organizations.


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