The Wardrobe’s Best Dressed: Letters to my lover from behind asylum walls by Robin Sinclair

April 5, 2003


My Eleanor,
He was in the halls again last night.
I know it was him.
Like a mother hearing her daughter’s cries in a
sea of a thousand voices,
I know his footsteps as if my own,
He stopped outside my door but didn’t enter.
He just waited.
Stared at the wall as if he could see me through it.
Never blinking. Never moving. Never speaking.
I could see him through the veil as clearly as he
could see me.
Call someone, Eleanor.
Get me out of here.
Sweet Jane

This selection comes from the poetry collection, Letters To My Lover From Behind Asylum Walls, available from Cosmographia Books.  Purchase your copy here! Our curator for this selection is Nilsa Rivera.

Robin Sinclair is a queer, genderqueer writer of mixed heritage and mixed emotions, currently on the road, reading from their debut book of poetry, Letters To My Lover From Behind Asylum Walls (Cosmographia Books 2018).

Robin’s work has been published in various magazines and journals, including Across the Margin, Shot Glass Journal, Red Bird Chapbooks, The Cerurove, Yes Poetry, and Pidgeonholes.
As a writer, Nilsa explores gender and diversity issues (including child neglect, domestic violence, homelessness, and sexual abuse). Her work has appeared in the Huffington Post, The Selkie, and several other literary journals. It’s also been featured at Miami Book Fair’s LipService True Stories out Loud Miami, the Writing Class Radio podcast, and at the “Muses and Music” a multidisciplinary event of the Cream Literary Alliance. Nilsa is also the Editor of The Wardrobe and Doubleback Review. Nilsa can be found reading or at the beach.

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