Open Residencies at Sundress Academy for the Arts

The Sundress Academy for the Arts (SAFTA) is now accepting applications for short-term artists’ residencies in creative writing, visual art, film/theater, music, and more. These residencies are designed to give artists time and space to complete their creative projects in a quiet and productive environment. But don’t just take it from us. Here’s what some past residents have to say:

11698677_512522998894869_6646147797608453617_nA rooster crows. A donkey brays. The ducks and chickens come to greet you at the fence of their coop as you make your way to the wooded path in the foothills for a good midmorning run. These are truly generous and kind people and I cannot wait to go back and do it all over again.”

-Carlo Matos, Chicago, IL

“The SAFTA residency was perfect for me. Time, quiet, and a comfortable setting in the inspired countryside around Knoxville provided all the elements I needed to get a lot of work done. “

-Amy Sayre Baptista, Chicago, IL


“It is so obvious to anyone visiting for the first time that Firefly Farms is a labor of love. In a week’s time, I was able to finish my first book manuscript and produce a chapbook’s worth of new work. And I haven’t even mentioned the incredible people, yet! The energy of the SAFTA team is inspiring and contagious.”

-Sara Biggs Chaney, White River Junction, VT

“It would be impossible to say all the good things I’d like to say about SAFTA, and my time at Firefly Farms. If you are looking to get away from it all, yet still feel connected to a larger community, then a residency at Firefly is the way to go. I had the solitude and resources (Wi-Fi, computers, printers, a huge library) to ge10641064_381197612027409_6423684484817063294_nt a lot of writing and reading done, yet was still invited to participate in
regular poetry workshops, a science fiction writing workshop, a grindhouse movie shoot, as well as SAFTA-sponsored readings. My time spent was hugely rewarding both in terms of work accomplished, as well as new friends made.”

-Michael Albright, Pittsburgh, PA

“My week at SAFTA was a perfect opportunity to focus on a complicated work-in-progress. The ‘holler’ is quiet, lovely, and mysterious. And the SAFTA community is incredibly welcoming and completely inspiring. Who says being an artist has to be a lonely endeavor? I left SAFTA inspired and excited to continue my work, having made a lot of progress, and having made new connections with a whole new group of fellow travelers on this narrow path strewn with words.”

-Jennifer McCharren, Montgomery, AL

Each residency costs $250/week, which includes a room of one’s own, access to our communal kitchen, bathroom, office, and living space, plus wireless internet and cable. There may be some scholarships and financial assistance for those with large scale financial hardship; please indicate this in your application if you feel you qualify.

For spring residencies, we are offering one 100% scholarship and one 50%-off scholarship for a week-long residency for LGBTQ-identified applicants. For summer residencies, we are offering one 100% scholarship and one 50%-off scholarship for a week-long residency for a writer or artist of color.  If you are applying for either of these scholarships, please note this in your cover letter.

The length of a residency can run from one to week to two months. We are currently accepting applications for:

Spring Residencies (February 1st to May 29th)

Summer Residencies (May 30th – August 28th)

Our deadline for fall residencies is rolling (query for available dates). The deadline for spring residencies is November 15th, 2015 and for summer residencies it is March 15th, 2016.

Apply today!


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