Sundress Academy for the Arts Announces Second Installment of Holler Salon Reading Series


Sundress Academy for the Arts is excited to present poets Jen Tynes, Michael Sikkema, and Kristi Maxwell for the second installment of Holler Salon, an extension of the award winning SAFTA reading series. The event will be held at Firefly Farms (114 Tobby Hollow Ln / Knoxville TN 37830) from 6PM to 10PM Friday, October 24th.  Free food will be provided on a first come first served basis.

Jen Tynes edits Horse Less Press. Her third book, Trick Rider, was just released by Trembling Pillow Press. Her fourth book, Hunter Monies, will be published by Black Radish Books 2016.

Michael Sikkema’s third full length collection, May Apple Deep, is forthcoming from Trembling Pillow Press, and his ninth or tenth chapbook, 3003 Houses for Nikki Wallschlaeger, is forthcoming from Little Red Leaves Textile Series.

Kristi Maxwell is the author of four books and two chapbooks, including That Our Eyes Be Rigged (Saturnalia Books, 2014) and To Insist on the ‘Someness’ of Every Assemblage (horse less press, 2014). She teaches at the University of Tennessee.

Holler Salon is a salon series featuring local and national writers and artists. Hosted at the Sundress Academy for the Arts at Firefly Farms in Knoxville, each salon will provide an intimate setting conducive to discussing and developing the ideas and inspirations of creative individuals from a variety of disciplines.

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