The Wardrobe’s Best Dressed: Kristin Abraham’s “The Disappearing Cowboy Trick”


From Part Three of Kristin Abraham’s book The Disappearing Cowboy Trick

Little Red Riding Hood Hides Out

She arrives being brave—I’m being
very brave
—so much of the evidence
has been burned.  She arrives trying
harder, having been balled up
at the base of the bed, lying beyond
easily.  She’s lost the ability to fly
herself through, surrounded
by physicians—or just one of them
with one great light strapped
to his head:  “My dear, it seems
that to say ‘I’ is an admission
you don’t want to make.”


This selection comes from Kristen Abraham’s book The Disappearing Cowboy Trick, available from Horse Less Press. Purchase your copy here!

Kristin Abraham was born and raised in Michigan. She currently lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, with her husband, three dogs, and two cats. She teaches English at a community college in Wyoming and serves as editor-in-chief and poetry editor for the literary journal Spittoon (

T.A. Noonan is the author of several books and chapbooks, most recently four sparks fall: a novella (Chicago Center for Literature and Photography, 2013) and, with Erin Elizabeth Smith, Skate or Die (Dusie Kollektiv, 2014). Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Reunion: The Dallas ReviewWest Wind Review, HobartNinth Letter, and Phoebe, among others. A weightlifter, crafter, priestess, and all-around woman of action, she serves as the Associate Editor of Sundress Publications, Founding Editor of Flaming Giblet Press, and Literary Arts Director for the Sundress Academy of the Arts.


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