Meet Our New Intern, Chris Barton!


I feel a little odd narrating myself in this context, but I will say a few things. Lately, I have tried to write things that explore/meditate on the events, activities, and interests in my life in a way that promotes awareness, while also trying to understand more complex systems of social and economic influence. If for no other reason, so I can better understand the world surrounding me, and create an aesthetic of daily experience that may allow me to connect with, inform, or bring happiness to other people.

As a recent graduate of the University of Tennessee, my knowledge base has mostly been shaped by academia. While my social/intellectual capital has benefited from this education, I also realize the structural inadequacies of concepts like the cannon, and the need to be openly aware of how this type of instruction can limit/subjugate certain other perspectives. I am excited to be interning with Sundress Publications, because it has allowed me to connect with a diverse artist-community. I currently view Sundress as a new type of instruction for myself and others, which is an exciting thought.

Mostly, I am trying to navigate the social climate of growing up in East Tennessee as a post-graduate, in a way that may promote kindness or bring more happiness to people. I mainly write poetry. I generally enjoy poetry that’s casual, connective, and creates a sensation of ‘involvement’ that allows the reader to help construct a meaning. I am feeling somewhat anxious about ending this post. So, I’ll say that I am still trying to understand what Ginsberg meant when discussing a “lost America of love”. That there are three Chinese restaurants in a walking distance of my apartment. That I sometimes like to eat avocado and carrot pita sandwiches. Thank you for reading this post.

Chris Barton is a 2013 graduate from the University of Tennessee. His work has appeared in Still and Polaris. Books he has enjoyed recently are Begging for It by Alex Dimitrov, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy by Tao Lin, and Selected Poems, Frank O’hara. He currently lives in Knoxville, Tennessee.


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