Meet our new Editorial Intern, Stephanie Phillips!


Hello, Sundress Blog! My name is Stephanie and I’m really looking forward to be working with Sundress as an intern this spring and beyond! When I heard about Sundress and met the people involved, I knew I needed to be a part of it in some way. Being around creative and determined people is really inspiring and the people here at Sundress have really big dreams. I’m glad to have joined this group right as they are becoming more of a fixture in the artistic community in Knoxville, and I hope to do all I can to help that effort.

My love for writing, and photography came early in high school and was really reinforced by supportive teachers. When I was 17 years old, one of my teachers asked me to read some of my work in front of the class and announced afterward, “I feel like we’re in the presence of a young Harper Lee!” and my life has basically never been the same. I began college in hopes of getting a degree in Photojournalism and left it with a degree in Creative Writing in May 2013.

My writing mostly revolves around normalcy and how much magic and beauty it can hold, despite its condemning name. I’ve always wanted to just tell the truth with writing, and I never found the truth too far away from where I was. Though I really enjoyed dabbling in many different forms in college, I always knew I wanted to write short fiction. Since graduating from UT Knoxville, I’ve been serving coffee at a few shops, writing a little, and trying to ward off questions like: “Yes, but what are you actually doing with your life?” I have hopes of attending graduate school in the fall of 2015, thanks for asking.


Stephanie Phillips is a recent graduate of the University of Tennessee. At 23, she still has no idea what to do with her life, but she hopes people still find that charming. Originally from Hendersonville, Tennessee, Stephanie has always loved writing and photography, but can’t seem to stop being a barista. She also loves short fiction, Precise pens, ice cream, and Netflix.


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