Meet Sarah Bohlman, Our New Fall Intern!

After another summer day of working at my auto parts job, I returned home to change out of my uniform. As I walked in the door, my mother asked me when I was working again, so I checked my email as I changed clothes. Halfway through, I read an email saying that I received the spot as an intern at Sundress Publications in Knoxville. Clad in gym shorts and red work polo, I ran screaming into the kitchen, “MOM I GOT THE INTERNSHIP!!” After everyone recovered from my soprano shrills, my mother joined my enthusiastic jumping as my dad just laughed at the sight of the Bohlman girls flailing around the kitchen.

Since both parents practice optometry, it proves difficult to share my love of poetry in the household, but I could not have asked for more supportive parents. Even though they struggle understanding my senior thesis on poetry, they encourage me to do what I love. It helps to have that kind of support looking at my future in a graduate school somewhere to get my MFA in Creative Writing so I can teach others to love poetry like I do. Without writing, I would undoubtedly be in a loony bin and I cannot wait to show others how to keep their own monsters at bay. I look forward to working with the women at Sundress who all lean on writing like I do. I suspect I will discover more about myself through this experience and I am overjoyed to be spending my semester with such talented women.


Sarah Bohlman, Editorial Intern


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