Katie Digangi Challenges the Myth of the English Major

          On Friday, December 13th, I will graduate from the University of Tennessee with B.A. in English. After relaying this information to a friend, I asked her if they thought the date was bad juju. They responded with, “You’re graduating with a degree in English. I think you have bigger things to worry about.”

          A disagreement ensued about the origins of juju and what you can do with an English degree. We never fully defined juju, but we decided that English majors get a bad wrap, especially those with concentrations in Creative Writing. People think of Creative Writing majors as baristas lacking ambition (cough, cough Girls), but SAFTA challenges this notion.

          SAFTA encourages writers to branch out while simultaneously offering a support network and guidance. Since writing is a craft, you must continue to hone your skills. SAFTA has given me an opportunity to continue to surround myself with talented writers and ideas. That being said, you create your own English degree juju, whatever that is, and there is always room for improvement. But I did hear that Starbucks offers healthcare…


Katie DiGangi, Editorial Intern


One thought on “Katie Digangi Challenges the Myth of the English Major

  1. I quite agree that creative writers can create a great life and even livelihood for themselves. The hard road in this day and age is the traditional one — writing books and stories and poems, sending them to traditional agents and publishers, and waiting to be discovered. What I’m wondering is which wrap you had — spinach and mozzarella or sprouts and free range chicken, and what made it bad. Sorry. It is a Snark Saturday for me, but I quit reading after you mentioned the bad wrap.

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