Meet Our New Intern: Annie Fay Meitchik

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On a farm in southern California, I grew up learning and teaching alongside a community of working artists, which ignited my passion for arts advocacy. Since adolescence, when I wasn’t working as a visual artist, I was writing, and the two mediums formed an everlasting symbiotic relationship. My work has always been unconventional, breaking barriers between mediums and blending different methods of narrative. After launching my own blog, which served as a platform to synthesize my own life experiences while amplifying the voices of other creatives, and having my work published by places such as 12th Street Literary Journal and UNiDAYS, I discovered that I find great satisfaction in collaborating with a team to provide editorial support.

I’m always discovering work that informs my goals as an editor and keep an evolving list of book recommendations on the homepage of my portfolio website—I am happy to talk about Patti Smith or Haruki Murakami with anyone. 

Always an avid reader, writer, and lover of creative problem-solving, I realized after graduating with my BA in Creative Writing from The New School that a career in publishing was where my passions intersected. With increasing anti-critical race theory laws, book bans, and even burnings, I feel incredibly drawn towards empowering readers of all ages with books centered around diversity and inclusion. As an editor, I want to help illuminate perspectives that are often left in the dark and advocate for the underrepresented storytellers our world needs to hear from today. 

While clarity is a tremendous first step, I know the path to a career in publishing is a long and winding one—often full of unexpected chapters and interesting characters—and I am honored to weave this editorial internship with Sundress Publications into my own origin story.

Annie Fay Meitchik is a writer and visual artist with her BA in Creative Writing from The New School and a Certificate in Children’s Book Writing from UC San Diego. Through a career in publishing, Annie aims to amplify the voices of marginalized identities while advocating for equality and inclusivity in art/educational spaces. Her work has been published by 12th Street Literary Journal and UNiDAYS. To learn more, please visit:

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