Sundress Academy for the Arts Presents December Poetry Xfit

The Sundress Academy for the Arts is excited to present Poetry Xfit hosted by Denise R. Ervin. This generative workshop event will take place on Sunday, December 18 from 2 to 4 pm EST via Zoom. Join us at the link with password “safta”.

Poetry Xfit isn’t about throwing tires or heavy ropes, but the idea of confusing our muscles is the same. This generative workshop series will give you prompts, rules, obstructions, and more to write three poems in two hours. Writers will write together for thirty minutes, be invited to share new work, and then given a new set of prompts. The idea isn’t that we are writing perfect final drafts, but instead creating clay that can then be edited and turned into art later. Prose writers are also welcome to attend!

Denise R. Ervin is a creative writer hewn from the streets, classrooms, and boardrooms of the city of Detroit. Formally educated in both literature and business, she has served in corporate America by day and as an adjunct college professor by night. Her work focuses on the experiences of those who look, live, and love like her. As a teaching artist, she has spent nearly two decades performing around the country, publishing in online and print journals like AADUNA and Harbinger Asylum, crafting full-length novel projects, and leading online workshops. Most recently, Denise won a United States of Writing Grant from Poets & Writers and was selected as a Writing Fellow by The Watering Hole. In addition to serving as Literary Arts Director for Sundress Academy for the Arts, her short story “Numbers” was recently published in The Fire Inside Volume 2, an anthology from Zora’s Den.

While this is a free event, donations can be made to the Sundress Academy for the Arts here:

Each month our donations help to serve people in our community. This month we are fundraising for support grants for Black and/or Indigenous identifying writers to help cover the costs of food, travel, childcare, or any other needs while they attend the SAFTA residency. 100% of this month’s donations will support this program.

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