Sundress Publications Announces the Acquisition of Hannah V Warren’s Slaughterhouse for Old Wives’ Tales

Sundress Publications is pleased to announce the acquisition of Hannah V Warren’s Slaughterhouse for Old Wives’ Tales, which combines natural history and folktale as it wrestles with a Southern Gothic apocalypse through a distinctly feminine lens. Warren’s collection is slated for publication in Winter, 2023.

An author photo of Hannah V. Warren wearing gold-rimmed glasses.

Hannah V Warren is a doctoral candidate in English literature at the University of Georgia and a Fulbright scholar. She holds an MFA in creative writing from the University of Kansas. Her writing and research interests center monstrous aesthetics, post/apocalypse literature, and representations of alterity.

She is the author of two poetry chapbooks: Southern Gothic Corpse Machine from Carrion Bloom Books (2022) and [re]construction of the necromancer from Sundress Publications (2020). Her works have appeared in Gulf CoastPassages NorthCrazyhorseTHRUSH, and Fairy Tale Review, among others. 


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