Sundress Publications to Participate in SMOL Fair 2022

Sundress Publications authors will be reading at SMOL Fair on March 19, 2022 from 7-8:30 PM EST. SMOL Fair is an alternative, virtual book fair featuring small presses and organized readings by a diverse array of authors. In addition to readings, SMOL Virtual Book Fair gives readers the opportunity to virtually connect with some of their favorite authors and publishers.

Attendance is 100% free and there’s a chance to win giveaways by following SMOL Fair on social media. For more information on SMOL Fair, please visit:

As a non-profit literary press collective that celebrates the work of our many talented authors, Sundress Publications is proud to announce our list of participating authors.


Stacey Balkun
Heather Bartlett
Margo Berdeshevsky
Mackenzie Berry
Jason B. Crawford
Barbara Fant
Matthew E. Henry
Amorak Huey
Amanda Galvan Huynh
Tatiana Johnson-Boria
Athena Nassar
Kimberly Ann Priest
Inès Pujos
V. Ruiz

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