2021 Gifts for the Writer Who Has Everything

So the writer in your life already has every book on their list, and more notebooks than they could fill in a lifetime. We talked to writers we know to learn what they’d love to receive this holiday season, so look no further to treat your favourite writer!

A stack of magazines on a dark wooden shelf.

1. Literary Magazine Subscriptions

A subscription to a literary magazine or journal is the gift that keeps on giving for your favourite writer, who will receive each new issue throughout the year. Check out The Stinging Fly for twice-yearly issues of new writing, or Prairie Schooner for essays, reviews, poetry, and fiction. Looking for something unique? Try Uncanny Magazine for indie science fiction and fantasy!

A person's hand holding a steaming cup of coffee in a white mug.

2. Coffee

Please give writers coffee. Writers want coffee so much! Equip them with an especially indulgent stock of their preferred roast (Millie Tullis recommends Highlander Grogg), or look into a coffee subscription service. Even better, support their entire caffeine routine and look into finding them the French press, pour-over set-up, or fancy kettle they’ve always wanted. If they’re not a coffee-drinker, try their favourite tea, or a cute, re-useable tea-steeper.

3. Word Games

Bananagrams, Boggle, Scrabble… nab them one of these classics, or try something new with games like Word Smithery or Poetry for Neanderthals, suggests Editorial Board member Sarah Clark.

A young feminine person with long hair and glasses browsing a bookstore.

4. A Gift Card to Their Local Bookshop

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a writer in possession of a local bookstore must be in want of several books. Snag them a gift card to their preferred independent bookseller, and spare yourself the stress of trying to guess which of this year’s releases they have already.

5. A Workshop!

Workshops can be expensive, but they can also help a writer dig into their new project, try out a new technique, or learn from artists they admire. If a writer in your life has been eyeing a certain workshop for a while, consider supporting their registration or other associated costs.

6. A Small Press Subscription

Lots of small, independent presses offer subscriptions that let you snag all of their yearly releases at a reduced cost. For the writer with an insatiable appetite for new books, this gift keeps the reading material coming all year-long and lets them enjoy some of the year’s exciting new releases! Try Glass Poetry Press for a subscription to their Chapbook Series, or Sundress’s very own 2022 Subscription for full-length releases from Stacey Balkun, Mackenzie Berry, Jason B. Crawford, Amanda Galvin-Huynh, Matthew E. Henry, Valerie Ruiz, and Margo Berdeshevsky’s as well as a copy of our handprinted letterpress broadside from this year’s contest winner!

A fountain pen laying on top of paper with cursive writing on it.

7. A Fountain Pen

Writers might have every notebook under the sun, but what about a gorgeous pen to go with it? If you’re feeling ambitious, grab some ink in their favourite shade to go with it.

8. A Patreon Membership

Why not give your favourite writer extra perks from their favourite writers and creatives—while also supporting all of their great work? Gift a Patreon membership for their favourite authors, podcasters, Youtubers, etc; you can even get them a membership to our own Patreon and all of the cool books and swags we have to offer!

9. Editing Software

Want to give a writer writing their next bestseller—or thinking about drafting it—a leg up in the writing game? Why not get them a subscription to editorial services like Grammarly or the Holy Grail of drafting software, Scrivener?

10. The Gift of Time

Maybe the writer in your life just needs time and a quiet space to start a new project or get some writing in. Offer to do some errands for them or help them block off undistracted time so they can sit down and write knowing you have things taken care of.


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