Doubleback Books’ 2021 Open Reading Period for Previously Published Poetry and Prose Books

Doubleback Books, an imprint of Sundress Publications, is open for submissions for previously published poetry and prose books. All eligible previously published authors are welcome to submit their manuscripts during our reading period from July 1st-31st, 2021.

If you are the author of a book that has gone out of print since 2000, we want to read it. Authors of works that have gone out of print due to the closure of the original press may submit full-length or short books, including novels, novellas, chapbooks, short story collections, poetry collections, essay collections, and memoirs. Editors may also submit out of print manuscripts their presses published before closing.

Submit your manuscript(s) in a .PDF or .DOC format to and include the name of the manuscript’s original publisher, the name and contact information of the publisher’s former editor-in-chief (if available), and a brief cover letter in the body of the email telling us about your work and yourself, noting the genre of the manuscript.

Accepted manuscripts will be turned into free downloadable e-books available. We do not republish translated work or previously self-published work. You can read our previously published titles here.


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