Sundress Academy for the Arts Presents “Writin’ Rhythm”: A Writers Workshop

The Sundress Academy for the Arts is excited to present “Writin’ Rhythm,” a workshop led by Elisha Mykelti on June 9, 2021 from 6-7:30PM. This event will be held over Zoom. Participants can access the event at (password: safta).

We are musical, sound-making beings. In your pulse, your stride, your foot tappin’, that pen clickin’ and clackin’, there is rhythm. By nature, all poetry has music: written poetry, spoken word poetry, choreo poetry, etc. In this workshop, we’ll explore how to be intentional about musicality and rhythm in our own work by exploiting sound-conscious writing choices. Attendees will be given prompts and writing time to develop poems that employ rhythmic elements, as well as tap into performance techniques used to drive a musical poem.

While there is no fee for this workshop, those who are able and appreciative can make direct donations to Elisha via Venmo @Elisha-Brewer or PayPal @elishabrewer98 .

Elisha Mykelti is a musical poet whose work focuses on the everyday—the absurd, the normal, and not so often pretty—life of the Black American woman. Through the use of dialect, her work pays special attention to her birthplace in the South and her roots up North. Elisha is a teacher and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, with a concentration in Creative Writing from the University of Tennessee.


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