Sundress Announces the Release of our 2021 Craft Chaps: A Delicious Letter: Correspondence on Narrative Time in Fiction by Megan Giddings and Messy Genius by Tina Jenkins Bell

Sundress Publications announces the release of this year’s craft chaps by Megan Giddings and Tina Jenkins Bell.

In A Delicious Letter: Correspondence on Narrative Time in Fiction, Megan Giddings accepts time to be like any other medium: one subject to distortion and subjectivity. Invoking personal anecdotes alongside examples from anime and literature, Giddings encourages us to shake our existing understanding of narrative structure. By the end of Giddings’ letter on craft, writers will have planted literal seeds, written a month’s worth of letters, and considered how stories morph when condensed and expanded into new forms.

Messy Genius’s deep dive into collaborative writing, in all of its shared guts and creative glory, shines an honest light on the practice in a way that is both thorough and fun. As a strong supporter of group work, Bell intricately breaks down every facet of collaborative writing for students, instructors, non-academics, and anyone staring down a team project. The best practices and reasons to approach the work are clearly laid out through historical anecdotes, active and engaging lesson plans, specific online tool recommendations, and Bell’s own personal experiences working with others. After all, Messy Genius compares collaborative writing to labor: a messy, painful process that results in something truly beautiful that could not have been produced alone.

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Megan Giddings is an assistant professor at Michigan State University. Her debut novel, Lakewood, was published by Amistad in 2020. More about her can be found at

Tina Jenkins Bell is a published fiction writer, journalist, academic, fiction editor for an online zine, blogger, and literary activist. In 2020, she was nominated for an Illinois Literary Arts Award. She writes a popular blog for the Chicago Writers Association and has had numerous work published, including: her soft sci fi short story, “To the Moon and Back,” (Hypertext Journal); a mini memoir, “Devil’s Alley,” (Us Against Alzheimer’s); a collaborative hybrid, entitled “Looking for the Good Boy, Yummy,” (Black Lawrence Press); and a short story, “The Last Supper,” (Revise the Psalm). Bell has also had two plays produced as staged readings for large audiences, including Cut the Baby in Half (Greenline Theater) and A Conversation Between Lorraine Hansberry and Gwendolyn Brooks (a collaborative effort produced by the Chicago Humanities Festival). An active reader and presenter in the literary community, Bell is working on her second novel, Family Legacies.

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