Sundress Announces the Release of Teni Ayo-Ariyo’s wash between your toes

The cover of a chapbook called "wash between your toes" by Teni Ayo-Ariyo. The cover is off-white with a gray line drawing of feet in a pool of water.

Sundress Publications announces the release of Teni Ayo-Ariyo’s debut poetry chapbook, wash between your toes.

In wash between your toes, the speaker feeds us snippets of pain alongside those of hope, culminating in a collection of short pithy poems detailing loss, isolation, and ultimately, community.

Teni Ayo-Ariyo’s debut chapbook is awash in vibrant images of learning to be at home in the self—a self that finds comfort in her Yoruban ancestry yet is also searching for family, identity, love, and relief from a present that dominates a history that refuses to be forgotten: “i could die tomorrow / what that really means is, i can live today.” wash between your toes is a celebration of the electric breathtaking power embedded in the nuanced experiences of a Black immigrant woman living in America.

Alexus Rhone, artistic theologian and founder of Truth Meet Story called wash between your toes “a gentle breeze, an aromatic balm, a prayer and meditation. It is proof that in between the chaos of life and the fears for our future, there is a hope stubbornly, definitively, defiantly lodged in our memories and in the things that we’ve already more than conquered. My soul was nurtured by these precious proclamations that all is well in all manner of things.”

A dark-skinned woman between brown poles, with a gray shirt. She is looking off into the distance.

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Teni Ayo-Ariyo writes soft, brave things. Her full name, Teninlanimi, means “I belong to the Great One” in Yoruba, a language from Nigeria. Her name is a subtle, powerful truth that calls her home when the world gets too loud. Some days, she practices yoga; other days, she uses her business school degree; and, most days, she is just trying her best to be human. You can find more of her writing on The Beautiful Project, Highly Sensitive Refuge, and on her personal website.


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