Meet Our New Intern: Gray Flint-Vrettos

In high school, I was asked to write a journal for one of my classes. It was meant to be fairly simple: just talking about notable things that happened to me each week. At the time, I didn’t understand the point of writing down my own memories. It felt strange, like I was just doing it by rote, not learning anything from the assignment. It only took two weeks before I started making things up. I wrote a horror story, starring myself – not a very good one, full of silly cliches and painfully adolescent nonsense, but I wrote in that book every single day.

In retrospect, that impulse set the tone for my entire life going forward.

I’d always loved stories, mainly as a result of living in a home full of English Lit professors, but it was in high school that my focus shifted to creating stories and retelling others’ stories through theater. I loved engaging with fiction in just about every way, and thankfully I had plenty of amazing people both in grade school and my college life who helped me refine that love into something I could actually pursue as a life path. I’m still working on it – I have yet to create anything I’d be confident to describe as “finished”, but I still try to create, retell, expand, or evolve a story every day, and I’m honored to join the Sundress team to help others do the same.

Gray Flint-Vrettos is an aspiring author and a graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University with a BA in English and Creative Writing, and minors in Theater Arts and Film. He has a long history with theater, having appeared in multiple productions both on stage and behind the curtain. Currently, she’s focusing on getting involved with publishing and writing her first book.


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