2020 Holiday Gifts for Writers (That Aren’t Just Notebooks!)

Looking for that perfect gift for the writer in your life? Chances are they’ve got a drawer full of new notebooks, so you might want to reconsider that Moleskine. Instead, we have compiled a list of thoughtful gifts that your writer will be sure to love, whether they are a prolific poet or scribbling their novel on napkins. 

1 – Fancy Pens or Pencils

The pen is mightier than the sword, of course, so treat your writer to a fancy pen from Fahrney’s Pens, the favorite choice of Best of the Net’s Assistant Editor Millie Tullis. Or if they prefer pencils, check out Blackwing’s beautiful classics. 

2 – Socks

No one can write with cold feet! Help them keep those toes warm with a pair of socks. Everybody likes socks – just ask Erin Elizabeth Smith, Sundress Publications‘ Managing Editor. Darn Tough makes durable socks in charming patterns that will last years, through all your writer’s revision processes.

3 – Art

Beautiful art can help brighten your writer’s space. Sundress Associate Editor, Brynn Martin, creates lovely embroidery that can add a touch of personality to any wall. 

4 – A Bookstore Gift Card

There’s nothing better than slowly wandering through the aisles of your local bookstore, looking for a book to fall in love with. Robin Gow, Assistant Editor-at-Large at Doubleback Books, suggests purchasing a gift card to your writer’s shop of choice so they can expand their library and support their local bookshop. 

5 – Coffee or Tea

Who couldn’t use more of their favorite brew? Best of the Net Assistant Editor, Millie Tullis suggests buying some nice coffee or tea for your writer this season. Or buy them a mug warmer so they don’t have to worry about their cup of tea going cold.

6 – An Under-Desk Massager

If this year has your writer spending more time at home, help them upgrade their desk setup with an under desk massager. Give them another reason to look forward to writing sessions. Best of the Net Managing Editor and Sundress Associate Editor, Anna Black loves hers!

7 – A Wax Seal

A wax seal turns an ordinary letter into an extraordinary one. Artisaire will even create a custom stamp with your design! There’s also this pretty one from Etsy seller ArteOfTheBooke, as recommended by Millie Tullis.

8 – Scrivener

Help turn that novel idea into a polished manuscript with Scrivener, the writing app beloved by novelists, journalists, memoirists, students, and more.  

9 – Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Feeling blue from the blue light of the computer screen? Some blue light blocking glasses could help stop those headaches.

10 – Candles

Candles breathe new life into a space. They smell nice, look pretty, and are so mesmerizing to watch as they flicker. Buy your writer some candles to help brighten up their desk. Karen Craigo, author of two Sundress collections: Passing Through Humansville (2018) and No More Milk (2016), suggests setting an intention when you light one.

11 – A MasterClass Membership

Editorial Intern Natalie Metropulos recommends giving the gift of an annual MasterClass membership, which provides access to not only writing classes but ALL the MasterClass classes for one year. Take a writing class with Margaret Atwood or master the ollie with Tony Hawk.

12 – A Book

As the days get shorter and hygge season arrives, nothing beats curling up with a good book. Treat your writer to one of Sundress Publication’s wonderful titles this holiday season.

13 – Tarot Cards

Tarot cards can be a fun party trick, a way to encourage reflection, or a sacred guiding tool. Brynn Martin thinks they make a great gift – and there are so many beautiful decks out there, like the original Rider-Waite style, or this one created by illustrator Isabella Rotman.

14 – Writer Survival Kit

For the writer who compares writing to pulling words across a gulf in a breathless anguish (a la Virginia Woolf): give them a pick-me-up with what Sundress Assitant Editor Alex DiFrancesco calls a “writer survival kit”: a care package with notebooks, pens and pencils, chocolate, charms, and more.

15 – A Getaway

Rather than buying something material, buy your writer time in the form of a getaway. As Karen Craigo says, time is the best gift you can buy a writer. You could sponsor their attendance at a Sundress Academy for the Arts writer’s residency at Firefly Farms, or perhaps find them a nice cabin in which they can unwind and unplug. After this year, this is something we all need.

16 – A Notebook (Okay, One Notebook)

While most writers may have a drawer full of blank notebooks… that doesn’t mean they don’t want more. Sundress Development Intern, Julia Hines, loves the notebooks offered by Of Aspen. They also sell art supplies and other charming knickknacks.

The entire Sundress team wishes all of our writers, readers, and people who love writers and readers the very best and most warm and loving holiday season. Thank you for supporting Sundress, and the writers in your life. We love them, too.


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