Sundress Announces the Release of Donna Vorreyer’s To Everything There Is

Sundress Publications announces the release of Donna Vorreyer’s To Everything There Is. A reflection, an exploration of growing, and an honouring of the beauty and the love that keeps one afloat, Vorreyer tries to deconstruct the space we occupy as we navigate a spectrum of emotions in a difficult world.

Sometimes with softness, sometimes with teeth, this book of poems will startle you with glimpses into the life of someone who has been smothered with emptiness after loss. Donna Vorreyer’s To Everything There Is unplugs every gaping hole inside the body to confront the inner turmoils, aches of desire, and tangles of sin simmering inside. While struggling through faith and journeying into a fantastical world to deal with grief, these poems question what there is to life other than discovering death’s soft humming. Yet, even at the lowest point, where one might, “slice at the swell of the skin’s blue-green river,” there is something to hope for. Although we may encounter dark roads in our lives, Vorreyer pushes us toward self-acceptance, resilience, and love—toward the beauty of life. And whether the voices in the poems are preening their feathers and coming to a rebirth, or finding somewhere or someone to belong to, To Everything There Is will have you longing to make the time you have left, “lit by some sort of fire.”

Kelli Russell Agodon, author of Dialogue with Rising Tides says of To Everything There Is, “We travel into the details of life, death, and grief with an observer’s eye through a place where, as the poet writes, ‘there is no handbook, no map.’ These tender, honest, and incredibly moving poems pull us into a story where what is holy is all around us, where Vorreyer’s words are ‘blending all the bro-ken parts together/in a silhouette that resembles prayer.’ It is a skillful poet who can recognize the grief, and through poetry, carve light where loss was and endure what we think we can’t.”

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Donna Vorreyer is the author of To Everything There Is (2020), Every Love Story is an Apocalypse Story (2016) and A House of Many Windows (2013), all from Sundress Publications. Her poems, re-views, and essays have appeared in Rhino, Tinderbox Poetry, Poet Lore, Sugar House Review, Wax-wing, Whale Road Review, and many other journals. She currently serves as an associate editor for Rhino Poetry.

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