Sundress Seeks Funding for Inclusive Anthology Series

Sundress Publications is seeking funding and financial support for a series of inclusive anthology projects. Each project will be determined individually but all will be in support of our mission of “promoting education and advancement in writing and the literary arts and literary publishing with commitment to anti-racist work, inclusivity, and the promotion of underrepresented voices regionally, nationally, and internationally.” Which is to say that these works will both increase exposure for writers as well as to create a uniquely situated work for readers.


  • $2,000 to support a stipend of $200 per editor per project for the next two years.
  • To produce one anthology per year, each in support of the Sundress mission.
  • To distribute and promote the work of an inclusive array of writers. 
  • To increase visibility and accessibility via free distribution to an online market.
  • Anthologies will be screen-reader friendly. And will provide (voluntarily provided) audio-recordings of many readings to increase accessibility.

Our staff has always, to this point, been entirely volunteer-driven. Our editors and intern team volunteer their free time to champion the voices of the underrepresented in the interest of creating a more inclusive publishing landscape. These dedicated folks are committed to bolstering a writer’s work and offering mentorship that will enrich future endeavors in the literary world.

Donations are being collected here.


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