Stirring: A Literary Collection Seeks Editorial Applicants

Stirring: A Literary Collection is seeking editors! Founded in 1999, Stirring is one of the oldest continuously publishing literary journals on the internet. Stirring operates under the umbrella of Sundress Publications, an entirely volunteer-run 501(c)(3) nonprofit publishing collective.

Our volunteer editors’ responsibilities include reading submissions in their respective genre, responding to submissions, and submitting final selections to the Managing Editor in a timely manner.

We are currently taking applications for the following positions: Book Review Editor, Nonfiction Editor, and Associate Poetry Editors.

Required qualifications: a knowledge in contemporary works, strong written communication skills, and the ability to work under a deadline.

Stirring strives to commit to diversity through encountering as many unique and important voices as possible through the work we publish and the members of our editorial board. We are actively seeking editors of color, trans and nonbinary editors, editors with disabilities, and others whose voices are underrepresented in literary editing.

To apply, please send a CV and a 150-250 word letter of editorial intent to Luci Brown at The letter of intent should include, but not be limited to: what authors and type of work interests you; your vision as a staff member at Stirring; your past work in literary editing (if any); and what books or journals you are currently reading.

Applications due by July 31.

Web:   Facebook: StirringLitMag
Email: Twitter: @StirringLit

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