Seeking Canceled AWP Panels for Online Roundtable

Sundress Publications is excited to announce that we will continue our tradition of hosting roundtables on our official blog by featuring some of the amazing AWP panels that were not able to appear at AWP 2020 through initial rejection or cancellation of the panel due to COVID-19. We’d like to focus especially on panels that will not be going to Kansas City in 2021. If your panel did not make the final cut this year, or you had to cancel running it and won’t be re-pitching for AWP 2021, we’d like to talk to you!

Now more than ever, your voices are necessary. We know that many important discussions won’t make it to AWP next year. That’s why we want to make them accessible in order to build an archive of diverse, engaging voices. We’re looking for topics that are driven by passion, inclusivity, forward-thinking, collaboration, and hybridity — all things fresh and unexpected. Let’s have more conversations — the world needs them.

Past panels posted to our blog include a wide variety of topics such as using a reporter’s techniques for fiction writing, a fresh look at the cultural conversations started by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and women at war. You can see some of our previous conversations at:

Please send us your proposal for consideration at by April 1, 2020. 

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