10 Holiday Gifts for Writers (That Aren’t Journals!)

It’s that time of year again, and you’re in luck! We’ve taken the guesswork out of what to get that writer on your list and compiled a list of items — and none of them are Moleskine journals.

10 – Gift Card for Books

As Stephen King says, “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.” While you probably can’t help with the second thing, you can definitely help with the first by getting your writer a gift card for more books! Bonus points if it’s from their local independent bookstore.

9 – A Reading Light

For those night owls, a cute reading light that clips onto their book is a great gift so they can keep on reading long after the lights go out.

8 – Cozy Blanket

For those writers that love to cuddle up with their computer or a good book, a big fuzzy blanket is a perfect gift. Also, consider a weighted blanket for those who want some extra comfort.

7 – Candles

Candles smell good and brighten up a space. We love this one that smells like old books and tea!

6 – Fancy Coffee or Tea

Speaking of tea, many writers say the real writer’s fuel is caffeine. Supply them with some fancy coffee or tea to keep them going.

5 – Fuzzy Socks or Slippers

To keep their feet warm and cozy on those cold days at the desk — or consider a small plug-in foot heater.

4 – Subscription to Literary Journals

For the literary journal and small press loving writers, gift a year-long subscription to their favorites. Of course, we’re partial to our own subscription which comes with goodies. You can find the Sundress Publications 2020 Subscription here.

3 – Noise Canceling Headphones

Help that writer focus with some noise-canceling headphones. Now they can write without distractions from that noisy neighbor. Is it you?

2 – A Litograph Pillow of Their Work

Show your writer how much you love their work by gifting a custom pillow that’s covered in their writing from Litograph. It’s easy: Upload their writing, choose a color, and order!

1 – Writer’s Residency

A writing residency doesn’t have to be through a fancy artist retreat. It could be two nights at a hotel in your hometown (or just outside of). It could be an AirBnB getaway or a cabin in the woods. Remember, the gift of time is a best gift a writer can receive.

The residencies at Sundress Academy for the Arts (SAFTA) are open to writers of all genres and take place in beautiful East Tennessee. They are designed to give writers time and space to complete their personal projects in a quiet and productive environment. For information on how to apply, click here!


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