Project Bookshelf: Maria Esquinca


They say that someone’s room is a reflection of their mental state, well maybe my bookshelf is a reflection of my mental state. Jokes aside, my apartment in Miami is quite small.

This bookshelf is all I have for my books. Hence, the stacking of books atop other books. There is really no clear organization to this bookshelf, unfortunately.

I believe there was an ambiguous and haphazard attempt to organize my books by preference and genre. An attempt that must’ve fallen apart at some point between thesis and thesis. The bottom shelf is clearly just binders and notebooks.

There is a stack of books on the first shelf that is compromised entirely of borrowed books that I intend on returning to their owners.

The most organized things in this shelf are probably the Poetry journal’s in the second, which are organized by issue number.

IMG_9726Right now, I’m in El Paso for the summer, so I brought a couple of books that I wanted to read with me.

I‘m staying at my aunt’s house, so I don’t have an actual bookshelf, but rather a bin. These are some of the books I want to read this summer but haven’t gotten to yet. Most of them are poetry books, except for Gulf Coast, which is a journal, and Illegal a non-fiction book about immigration (I hate that title).

I hope to one day have a neat and beautifully organized bookshelf like my colleagues.


Maria Esquinca is an MFA candidate at the University of Miami. She is the winner of the 2018 Alfred Boas Poetry Prize, judged by Victoria Chang. Her poetry has appeared in The Florida Review, Scalawag Magazine, and Acentos Review and is forthcoming from Glass: A Journal of Poetry and Waxwing. A fronteriza, she was born in Ciudad Juárez, México and grew up in El Paso, Texas. You can find her on Twitter @m_esquinca.


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