Sundress Announces the Fifth Episode of the New Podcast, Shitty First Drafts


Sundress Publications announces the fifth episode of the podcast, Shitty First Drafts. A podcast made for, and by, writers, the show playfully investigates the creative processes of different artists to determine how a finished draft gets its polish.

In Episode 5, our very own Erin Elizabeth Smith hosts Brynn Martin and Stephanie Phillips at her home where Erin opens up about how reading a lot of poetry helped enlighten her to how great poems are structured and the devices they incorporate to become successful poems. Stephanie, Brynn, and Erin also reminisce about all the good times they’ve had together and discuss her almost 20-year-old poem. And, of course, they also play with Erin’s kittens!

While not entertaining kittens or other company, Erin tells us that she spends her free time working as founder and Managing Editor of Sundress Publications, Creative Director of SAFTA, and founder of Stirring. She is also a Distinguished Lecturer at the University of Tennessee and a Professional Sheep Wrangler at Firefly Farms. And we are delighted to hear that her newest collection of poems Down will be released in fall 2019 with Agape Editions.

 Listen to Episode 5 here.

 Erin Elizabeth Smith is the Creative Director at the Sundress Academy for the Arts and the Managing Editor of Sundress Publications. Her work has appeared in journals including Guernica, Crab Orchard Review, Ecotone, and Mid-American. Smith teaches in the English Department at the University of Tennessee.


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