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Dear Friends,

In light of continued stories being brought forward about sexual assault and sexual harassment in the literary world, we are writing to let you know that Sundress Publications will be instituting several changes within our organization in the coming weeks in order to make Sundress a safer place.

These changes include a detailed code of ethics that all staff, Sundress authors, and residents will be required sign in order to participate in any Sundress activities or outlets and guidelines for how members of our community can let us know if someone has harmed them in any way.

What continues to happen within our community is unacceptable. We are deeply committed to addressing it concretely and continuously as we move forward. Through the changes above and others, we hope to ensure that all members of the Sundress community feel welcome, supported, and safe.  

Thanks to the many of you who have trusted us with your work, with your reading, with your learning, with your time, and with your resources over the years. We will keep working to make Sundress worthy of your brilliance.

— The Sundress Board of Directors


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