Meet Our New Editorial Intern: Emme G. Marshall


As a poet, you desire to remember your first, most base interaction with poetry – because remembering the thing that grounded you into a love is one of the most touching reflections you can have regardless if it’s poetry or astronomy or cooking. My attachment to poetry has spread and grown throughout my life. It wasn’t just one concrete moment in which I realized “This is it!” Instead, it was a snowball. In terms of reading poetry, because reading it and writing it for me came at different times, Shel Silverstein acts as the force who drew me into the world of conciseness. The ability to pack the emotion that mirrored the other longer books I was reading was exciting, new. I try to think back to what I must’ve thought looking at these pages that seemed to be devoid of words but were rich in so much else. I read all of his work I could find at my elementary school’s library, and continually read them over and over, because they were the only poetry books we had at our school besides Dr. Seuss. Tragic yet still had the power to foster something within my world.

As for writing poetry, I’ve always been well-suited at putting words together, writing essays or stories for class. In grade school it was aided by my voracious reading and the encouragement of my teachers to pursue that particular kind of creative nature. The poetry didn’t come until early high school when angst was bubbling at its finest and I took to poetry as an outpour. I believe I still have the same Tumblr that I posted poems onto daily (God bless you if you find it). I will forever thank those years of terrible writing for what they’ve given me now – that same confessional style I continually dote on and have nurtured into something more apt for my current stage of life. Translating my inner life into an outer form in this way has been the most enriching thing I’ve ever done for myself, for my creativity.

As a new intern at Sundress Publications, I hope to expand as a poet in as many ways as possible. Most of my current poetry knowledge was cultivated in the classroom by the hand of a professor, so I’m excited to have the chance to expand my knowledge of other artists and of other work outside of that realm. The publishing world still remains, for the most part, a mystery to me – so I’m also excited to witness as much of the inner workings of this side to poetry as I can. Sundress acts as a body that fosters a welcoming glow to the world of poetry, whether it be in its publishing, readings, people, and I am ready to contribute to that beauty as much as I can.


Emme G. Marshall is a graduate at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where she studied creative writing with a concentration in poetry. Her work has been published in Public Pool, and she worked as a poetry editor for the university’s literary arts magazine The Phoenix. Some of her most favorite things are cicadas, vintage clothing, and fizzy drinks. Also, Fiona Apple.

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