Meet Our New Editorial Intern: Hollie Householder

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When I was in first grade, I presented my mother a hand-written letter saying that “Your Dawter has been promoted to the second grade.” Of course, my seven-year-old mind could spell “promoted,” but not “daughter.” I believe I almost had her on that one.

Then, in middle school, I wrote a note to a little boy who caught my eye. I think I told him that his hair reminded me of an orange peel. My writing was obviously great – he’s my fiancé now.

Although these are stories that I look back on with humor, they also make me realize that I’ve spent my life in writing. I enjoy the idea of sharing my work with someone and having them laugh, or fall in love, or be interested. I also enjoy the thought of someone reading my writing and tearing it apart. I like that I have something to offer people that can evoke any kind of emotion.

I believe writers are some of the most influential people you can come by. I expect my internship at Sundress Academy for the Arts to enforce my beliefs and welcome me into a community where each word and work means something.

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” – Anais Nin


Hollie Householder graduates from Maryville College in May 2018, where she declared a major in Writing and Communications and a minor in Sociology. She has had her poetry published in the local literary magazine Impressions and enjoys participating in workshops with other writers. She loves meeting new people and sharing laughter with others. Her least favorite writing prompt is a third-person bio.

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