Meet Our Newest Intern, Lacey Trautwein

At a young age, I fell in love with literature for a few reasons. Firstly, I found it to be a sort of mental safe space. It was always a place I could get out of my own head and into a fictional one, no realistic drama there. Secondly, my parents are very anti-technology! I grew up as the ‘odd’ millennial where I went to the library every week for new books and didn’t use computers in my everyday life (until college!). Now I read as a mental self-care for the most part, but I enjoy reading others’ stories and renditions of someone else’s life. Primarily, I enjoy devouring nonfiction and poetry the most; I am excited to see what I get to read with Sundress!


Lacey Trautwein is a writer, editor, and friend. They currently live in Louisville, KY and founded Lemon Star Mag—a safe space/lit mag for teen & young adult writers. Their work can be found in Bad Pony, Enchanted Tales, five:2:one mag, and elsewhere. Follow them @lacey_trautwein.


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