Project Bookshelf: Anna Moseley

Bookshelf A

Here I humbly and apprehensively present to you the physical manifestation of my metaphysical being: my bookshelf. Collected here is a union of science fiction novels, middle school fantasy series, and every Jane Austen book ever published. I once went through a phase where I attempted to categorize my books (read: babies) by author, genre, so on and so forth, but evidently it was a phase destined to be short-lived. Note: if at any point you spot Fifty Shades of Grey, kindly pretend that you didn’t.

Bookshelf B

On these top two shelves you will find the book series that those in my generation were practically required to read: Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, The Twilight Saga, The Uglies, you get the picture. To the right you will find a beautiful tome that is a collection of Austen’s Most Amazing and Brilliant works; my mother gave it to me for Christmas, and I’m still too honored to turn a page. Directly above that, there is a container of Game of Thrones coasters in the fashion of the House Sigil wax seals. Yes, I use them often, and no, I don’t care about the incest.

Bookshelf C

The middle shelves have accrued an interesting combination of teen-angst novels and school-mandated literature. The bottom right depicts an anthology of every Chronicles of Narnia book, which is heavy both physically and emotionally. On that same shelf you will find next to each other both my favorite book, The Book Thief, and my least favorite book, The Canterbury Tales. Their close proximity is an accident and also probably some kind of metaphor.

Bookshelf D

Last but not least, on my bottom shelf you will find a woman’s obligatory Danielle Steele novel, The Da Vinci Code, and Uncle Tom’s Cabin; all novels of intellect and repute. On the floor, you will find three hundred dollars’ worth of university textbooks.


Anna Moseley is currently a senior at the University of Tennessee majoring in English Literature. She has a glorious waitressing job downtown and writes as a contributor for the Arts and Culture section of the Daily Beacon. When she bothers to extract her nose from a book, Anna’s hobbies include engaging in wine-fueled political debates and looking at pictures of dogs she can’t afford.


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