This week I felt proud to be an alumni of SUNY Geneseo upon seeing the prompt and fierce student organizing taking place following an instance of transphobia in a Sociology professor’s lecture. These students’ organizing, which includes a drive to implement mandatory safe zone training, has already been featured in Teen Vogue and they are currently requesting folks from the Geneseo community as well as allies to sign and share this petition.

I also enjoyed, and recommend, the following creative writing pieces:


apology by George Abraham in Tin House: “i could have painted her this body in all its failed topologies: i haven’t a home that isn’t in love with the way it floods”

Losing the Narrative by Lynn Melnick on the Academy of American Poets’ poem-a-day: “I understand what it says about me / that my body lustfully wishes to place itself where it was never safe.”

Illinois Fanfare by Kara Krewer in The Adroit Journal: “This was also the winter I watched a lot / of those old movies called weepies, / ones where a handsome stranger / lights the ugly girl’s cigarettes for her”

WE TOO HAVE CROSSED by Addison Namnoum in Poets Resist (Glass Poetry Press): “My people too once crossed / a jagged breathing line / their names received by Anglo mouths”

[MY BODY IS AN AMERICAN] by p.e. garcia in Hobart: “my body is / an american; / a divine accident,  a Ford wrecked, / spraying blood across the Midwest”


When in Doubt, Put on More Makeup: A Brief Autobiography in Cosmetics by Meg Johnson in Superstition Review

Hooters Chicken by Lizz Huerta in The Rumpus

Stephanie Kaylor in based in upstate New York and is currently a MA student in Philosophy, Art, and Critical Thought at European Graduate School. She holds a MA in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from the University at Albany and is Managing Editor for Five:2:One Magazine and Reviews Editor for Glass: A Journal of Poetry.


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