20 Badass Holiday Gifts for Writers

It’s that time of year again: wracking your brain to think of the perfect gift for the writer in your life. What else could writers possibly need but paper and pens, right? Well wrack no more! Sundress did the work of finding that perfect gift so you don’t have to. You can thank us by making a writer in your life very, very happy (psst, check out #1!).

20. Bookbinding DIY kit







For the hands-on writer, aspiring chapbook artist, or simply someone looking for a new hobby. Find this one on Etsy!

19. A lithograph of their favorite book.










There’s someone out there who WOULDN’T want a tote bag sporting the entire unabridged manuscript of The Great GatsbyFor Whom the Bell Tolls, Alice in Wonderland, or The Princess Bride? Inconceivable! Check out Litograph’s collection (including tote bags, scarves, tee shirts, and more!) here.

18. Ergonomic keyboard/mouse

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business (5KV-00001 )

Sure, it might not be the most fun gift. But you know what else isn’t fun? Carpal tunnel. Consider this the “ounce of prevention” of gifts. Your writer friends (and their wrists!) will thank you. Find one like this here.

17. Library card pillows & socks




Because what writer is complete without their library card? Help them show the world their inner bookworm. Nostalgia included. Find these on Etsy and Bookriot!

16. Spotify Premium/Pandora One subscription

 Image result for spotify logo

Uninterrupted jams for those late-night binge-writing sessions? Quite literally music to a writer’s ears.

15. Waterproof notebook

Has the writer in your life always wanted to explore the great outdoors, but couldn’t risk the damage to their precious notebooks? Well, this gift makes those fears a thing of the past. Don’t let the call of the wild go unanswered! Find one like this on Amazon.

14. Massage gift certificate

Give that special poet or novelist a break from the grueling work of sitting hunched over a desk with a gift certificate to a local massage therapist. Who knows? They might even name a character after you in their next masterpiece.

13. House cocktail recipe book

A stunning, hardback, water-resistant journal for recording cocktail recipes. Delivering December 2016

This home bartender’s accessory is perfect for the writer whose creativity comes out in the kitchen, too. Keep track of house-made cocktails with this stylish journal that’s sure to take the edge off the holidays. Plus, you get to support an awesome Kickstarter project! Hooray for alcohol and feeling good about yourself!

12. Weekly notebook/customizable planner

This may come as a surprise, but writers can be an unorganized bunch.For so many of us, our new year’s resolutions center around writing more, submitting more, and being more involved with our literary communities. And this requires planning. So why not do it in style? Moleskine, Passion Planner, and ErinCondren offer sleek and customizable options.

11. A subscription to their favorite press/journal


Keep the writer in your life in good books for the months to come. You’ll be expanding their literary horizons, and supporting the literary community, which is what the holidays are really all about. Check out Sundress’ subscription package here!

10. A gift card to their favorite coffee shop

Image result for starbucks logo

Does the writer in your life get their best work done surrounded by the soothing sounds of screeching espresso machines and Elliott Smith? Well perhaps a gift card to their favorite coffee shop is just what they need to fuel their caffeinated writing marathons. Get one from Starbucks here. (Or better yet, support your local coffee shop!)

9. Two Sylvias poetry prompt advent calendar


Give your friendly neighborhood poet a kick in the pants with this Advent Calendar from Two Sylvias press! A poem a day keeps the holiday blues away! Get yours here.

8. 365 writing prompt notebook

And for inspiration all year ’round, pick up one of these.

7. Fancy colored pens

Because writing in pink, green, or purple is more fun. That’s just facts. Find these here

6. Decorative office supplies

Image result for cat paperclips

Because using paperclips that look like cats is meow fun. That’s also just facts.

5. Writerly coffee mug

Notebook Paper Cup on Ceramic

You really can’t go wrong with anything coffee-related. Find this adorable mug on Etsy!

4. Specialty teas/coffees

Because they’re going to need something to put in that adorable mug! Check out shops like Teavana or Madcap Coffee or support your local tea shops!

3. Pens with non-smudging ink for lefties/leftie notebook

5 Left-Handed Wide-Ruled Spiral Notebooks - Assorted

Don’t leave out the lefties! Find awesome pens and notebooks here.

2. Craft book(s)

Get that writer thinking with an insightful book about their craft. Check out titles like The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, The Poetry Home Repair Manual, Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life, and Ordinary Genius: A Guide for the Poet Within.


And finally…


1. A  Residency at Sundress Academy for the Arts!

Give the ultimate gift that keeps on giving! A residency at SAFTA is open to artists of all mediums. The residencies take place in beautiful East Tennessee, and are designed to give writers time and space to complete their personal projects in a quiet and productive environment.  Get more info for how to apply here!

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