Project Bookshelf: Taylor Gray’s Work in Progress

Here, against a drab apartment wall, is my pitiful bookshelf. Unfortunately, most of my books are in Nashville, stacked at the end of my childhood bed, guarded by my favorite cat. Until I can move my beloved books to Knoxville, I am stocking this bookshelf with textbooks and my McKay’s finds. So far, I have a small collection of thrillers, a couple of classics, and some anthologies of American literature (my favorite kind of textbook). I’m always looking to better my writing, so I also have ten or so books on style, word choice, and writing techniques. I bought a copy of David Morrell’s Creepers, my favorite book, because I couldn’t live without it. It is a work in progress, and I will spend far too much money at McKay’s this year. Any suggestions for my next trip?


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