Laura B. Robbins’ #ProjectBookshelf

So these are my bookshelves. These are where 95% of my books live. I also have some books scattered around my house, but this is where the majority of them live. My tastes in books clearly span the spectrum of genres, but I tend to read a lot of contemporary fiction and fantasy.

I fully blame my parents for my love of books (you should see their bookshelves), and this love makes it basically impossible to pick a favorite. However, some of the ones I really enjoy are Americanah, Jane Steele, Slaughterhouse-Five, and The Bell Jar.



Laura Robbins, a Memphis native, is a senior at the University of Tennessee studying English Literature. For the last year, she has worked at UT’s library in Special Collections. When she isn’t writing papers or reading books for class, Laura enjoys buying more books than she has the room for and discussing anything from feminism to the latest superhero movie.


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