Letters to Colin Firth by Katherine Riegel

Letters to Colin Firth by Katherine Riegel Released by Sundress Publications

Knoxville, TN—Sundress Publications is pleased to announce the release of Katherine Riegel’s Letters to Colin Firth, which was the winner for the 2015 Sundress Chapbook Competition.

“Katherine Riegel’s Letters to Colin Firth is a chapbook that refused to let me forget it was there, creeping, waiting for me to read it again. On the surface, the writing was boldly funny, and I never once felt alienated that the letters weren’t addressed to me directly. I knew they were for Colin Firth, for Katherine, for me, and for anyone else willing to take part in the journey they lay out. Over time, the letters reveal a quiet depth that sneaks in and spreads itself thick across each page. The density of it speaks for itself. Start reading for tea and trip to England, and stay for a run through the tar pits of grief. Don’t worry; I’m still stuck, too.”
-J. Nicole Oquendo, 2015 Sundress Chapbook Competition Judge


Katherine (Katie) Riegel is the author of Letters to Colin Firth, which won the 2015 Sundress Publications Chapbook Competition, and two books of poetry: What the Mouth Was Made For and Castaway. Her poems and essays have appeared in Brevity, Mead, The Offing, and elsewhere. She is co-founder and poetry editor for Sweet: A Literary Confection. She lives in Memphis, TN with her husband, who is not Colin Firth but does have an English accent, where she tries to use words to change the world. Find out more—including links to her YouTube channel, blogs, and other books—at katherineriegel.com.

 Letters to Colin Firth is available to read at http://www.sundresspublications.com/echaps.htm


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